Picture of myself

Stefan „gideonstar“ Ritter

I am an IT guy, musician and father of one from Rhineland, Germany.

Some blurry php code


Since 2007 I have been working as an IT specialist for system integration.

I am specialized in Debian GNU/Linux, Proxmox, Seafile, nginx and website creation with Hugo.

You can find some code on my Gitea and Github pages. Most of it is written in Python.

On stage with a Telecaster


Over time I’ve worked on a few albums, both with my own bands and for friend bands.

(S = Songwriting, R = Recording, M = Mastering)

Magic The Gathering Swamp Card

Nerd Zone

Since 2013 I’m a Speedcuber with a personal best of 8.43 seconds.

In my free time I play World of Warcraft or MMORPGs in general. I’m a fan of Star Trek and collect „Lustige Taschenbücher“.

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